How do I add my Ethereum and Ethereum Classic investment?

When logged into your account, go to Configure>>Wallets and click “Add Other Wallet”.  Enter a wallet name, Wallet Location, and select “ETH” for Ethereum or “ETC” for Ethereum Classic as the currency code.  Click “Save Wallet”.  Then in the “Your Wallets” section, click the “+” to add an address.  Enter your Ethereum Wallet Balance in the Wallet Balance field AND anything in the “Wallet Address” field and click submit.  If you want us to track your wallet address in the future, you can enter your Ethereum Wallet Address in the correct field.

note:  You will need to keep your Ethereum and Ethereum Classic balance up to date manually. The Etherium and Ethereum Classic price and your total value will be updated by our system.  We do not store your Ethereum and Ethereum Classic private keys in our system.