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What is CryptoDashboard?
CryptoDashboard is a place to keep track of the value and location of your crypto holdings across many exchanges and mining pools.

What it isn't
It isn't a place to store your coins, or trade them. The data you provide to us allows for read only access to information.

You are signing up for our beta launch. This is a very complex system, so please understand that this is beta and we will be working through issues as quickly as possible. As part of the beta, we would like you to be active in reporting bugs through our Beta Feedback System (found on the lower right of each page).

After signing up, you will need to click on a link to activate your account. We built a setup helper to guide you through the process. You can find a link to that at the top of your dashboard, and below the "profile" tab. As always, please let us know any feedback, issues, or things that you think can be done to improve it. We appreciate your feedback.

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